Court Rules and Etiquette

To ensure the quiet and safe enjoyment of badminton by all members, members are expected to adhere to the Smashcourtz Code of Ethics and the Smashcourtz Badminton Code of Conduct. New members may not be aware of the rules or what to expect in the area of court etiquette or conduct. In conjunction with the Code of Conduct, the points listed below are expected to be adhered to


1. Walking between courts
While waiting to play do not stand near (or on!) any of the courts in use as a player may hit you with his/her racket or collide with you and incur injuries, or worse, lose the point. Do not walk on courts that people are playing on – leave at least a foot of clear space beyond the court when walking past, and especially don’t take a short cut over the corners! Also, please do not walk past a court while a rally is in progress as this can be distracting for the players; wait until the rally is finished, which is usually only a matter of a few seconds.

2. Calling lines
Calling lines is often a controversial issue. However, if you’re in doubt as to whether the bird is in, on the line, or out, you should call it in favor of your opponent. Be courteous and accept line calls in the spirit that most players offer them.

3. Sport clothing
Coloured clothing is acceptable. We wish to ensure a standard of dress on the court. Ripped T-shirts, formal shirts or cut-off shorts, jeans are not acceptable.

4. Non-marking court shoes
Our hardwood floors are very susceptible to marking from black-soled shoes or scratches from grit-carrying outdoor shoes. Floor re-finishing is very expensive. The use of non-marking court shoes is enforced and players not using them may be requested to leave the courts.

5. Cell phones
Please turn off your cell phones while on the courts. Please check for messages between games in the badminton lounge.

6. Courtesy
Always be considerate to your fellow players. Most players like to challenge stronger players, so please accept games with players somewhat below your own level on an occasional basis so they learn to improve. If someone looks lost, offer to help them. Often, new members simply don’t understand the rules and need information. Don’t be afraid to ask someone you don’t know to play with you.

7. Members only
Non-members may enter the badminton court or lounge areas ONLY as guests of a member as detailed under Guests overleaf.

8. Food and Drink
Please refrain from bringing food or drink onto the courts other than normal sports snacks and rinks in non-spill containers.

9. Fee
If you are not a member, please pay your fee to any executive member (just ask) when you arrive at the court. Members who did not pay the fee would be requested to leave the court. Please pay the fee to avoid any discomfort.

10. Management final say
Management has the final say in
* Cancelling any appointment/booking of courts
* Cancelling the Membership

Smashcourtz will not be providing Rackets/shuttles for free to the members/players. They either can get them or can buy them from the Admin office

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